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Published on 19 October 2013

​PICTURE is outlined through four main scientific and dissemination actions: 

  • (WP1) Threat modeling and use cases. 

  • (WP2) Attacks experiments and analysis.

  • (WP3) Protections development and evaluation tools.

  • (WP4) Dissemination actions.

  • project_attack_surface.PNG

​WP1 Threat Modeling & Use cases

These actions deal with an in-depth analysis of the threat models according to the adversary’s knowledge (e.g., white/black-box setting) and capabilities (e.g., a clone device is available). 
Simultaneously, the use-cases are detailed as well as a description of the HW targets used for PICTUREIndustrial partners are in charge of defining a set of relevant and realistic use cases with a particular highlight proposed by IDEMIA on face recognition systems that bring both critical integrity and confidentiality-based issues and whose outputs can be typically extended to other classification and decision-based domains.

WP2 Attacks experiments & Analysis

Our research are dedicated to the characterization of advanced combined attacks using realistic models and platforms provided by IDEMIA and ST and consistent with the state-of-the-art. Physical attacks – jointly performed by CEA and MSE – will use cutting edge means: advanced side-channel analysis benches, advanced laser beam and electromagnetic fault injection.

​​WP3 Protections development & Evaluation tools

PICTURE aims at developing and evaluating robust protections with a particular focus on evaluating the impact on the embedded systems (performance, overheads). These tasks are also dedicated to the developments of evaluation methodologies and the enrichment of well_known or emerging open frameworks. MSE will lead this work with state-of-the-art equipment infrastructure of the SAS department and the Micro-PackS platform located in the Microelectronic Center of Provence and including fault injections means (power and clock glitches, advanced laser beams, EM pulses) and side-channel benches.

WP4 Dissemination actions

In addition to dissemination in conferences focused on Machine Learning and Security, the consortium will organize a workshop gathering both academic and industrial actors. Other actions will take advantage of competitiveness clusters such as Pole SCS as well as events organized by partners. 
Selected by the French SGDSN (Secretariat-General for National Defence and Security) PICTURE consortium plans to regularly present its achievements to ANSSI (French National Cybersecurity Agency) for relevant feedbacks.